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Best casino loyalty program: Top casinos with loyalty bonuses 2024

What are the best UK loyalty programs and how can you get more for less when you play online?

If this is a question you want answered, my guide to casino rewards will tell you where to find the most lucrative loyalty programs, as well as ways to get more bonuses as an existing customer.

So, if you’re ready to learn everything there is to know about loyalty rewards, check out my expert opinion and reviews below.

Best UK casinos with loyalty bonuses

  1. PokerStars
  2. Duelz
  3. Magic Red
  4. Winomania
  5. Mr Vegas
  6. 10bet
  7. VoodooDreams
  8. 32Red

What is a casino loyalty program?

As you probably know, a loyalty program is a system through which online casinos give real-money customers bonuses for their sustained wagering and playing. Although there are some exceptions to the rule, the fundamental premise of every casino rewards program is “The more you wager, the more you get back.”

I should remind you that this doesn’t mean you should wager more than you can afford, of course. Bankroll management is always important. However, on a purely systematic level, the amount of loyalty rewards you get will be linked to the amount you wager. 

How does an online casino loyalty program work?

In my experience, loyalty programs typically operate on a bets-for-points basis. For example, Winomania casino gave me points each time I wagered £10 on any of its games. These points contributed to my VIP status any time a casino has a tier system in place.

Points can also be exchanged for loyalty rewards, including bonus funds, free spins, deposit match offers and special prizes, such as holidays. Additionally, I was sometimes able to exchange points for cash back. For example, Duelz Casino UK gave me a percentage of my net spend back every week.

How I compared the best casino loyalty bonuses for UK players

How do I find the best casino bonuses in the UK? The answer is simple: I take a holistic approach. This means I assess a variety of variables to determine how much value you can get as a loyal customer. The variables I assess include:

Wagering requirements

Every time I consider enlisting in a loyalty scheme, I look at how much I need to wager to earn loyalty points and, in turn, how many points I need to claim rewards.

Other wagering requirements I consider are the min deposit amount and game restrictions. I also look at the playthrough requirement, i.e. how much I have to bet before withdrawing my winnings.

VIP tiers

Some loyalty bonus casinos use a ranking system, others don’t. If there’s a ranking system in place, I look at how easy it is to level up and how lucrative the rewards are at each VIP tier. 


Some of the best casino rewards programs have a theme. For example, VoodooDreams’ casino rewards are based around the theme of magic and spells. I always find creative themes make loyalty bonuses more engaging and entertaining for me.

Bonus types and prizes

Perhaps the most important parts of any loyalty program are the rewards you get. The more perks I get, the better. However, I also like to see UK casino loyalty programs give me personalised rewards. 

For example, if I’m at a casino to play slots, it’s good if the loyalty program gives me rewards such as free spins. If you prefer roulette, personalised prizes could include things such as free bets, boosted payouts and risk-free bets (i.e. cash back on losses).

Why should you trust me?

Not to brag, but I’m a gambling expert with more than a decade of combined gambling and betting experience. I’ve had many years to familiarize myself with and understand the nuances of casino bonuses and loyalty rewards. From the wagering requirements and quality of the perks I receive, to the ease with which I can play games, I’ve tried and tested it all.

For example, I know wagering requirements (aka T&Cs) can be confusing if you’re new to online gambling. I’ve read through thousands of wagering requirements over the years, so they know exactly what an operator expects of you. What’s more, I know how a bonus’ wagering requirements compare to the industry standard. 

Finally, I test every online casino I present to you. This means I make an account, deposit, play slots and table games, claim promotions and see how easy it is to claim loyalty rewards. I also speak to customer support agents. Based on this research, I convey my experiences to you via a series of comprehensive and honest online casino reviews.  

A closer look at the top UK casino loyalty offers

What are the biggest and best loyalty bonuses in the United Kingdom? Well, I’ve given you a rundown of my top UK casinos for loyalty rewards, but I’ve not given you much context. The following sections tell you what to expect from my recommended loyalty bonus casinos.

Our top pick: PokerStars

My pick for the best UK casino loyalty program is PokerStars’ Star Rewards:

PokerStars Star Rewards

PokerStars Casino has one of the best loyalty bonus schemes in the UK because it’s unique. For starters, it began as a loyalty program for poker players. Today, all real-money customers can earn Star Rewards by playing poker and casino games, as well as betting on sport. 

The system is based on points and chests. The number of points you earn depends on a game’s theoretical return rate (RTP). Basically, the lower the RTP, the less you have to wager to earn points and vice versa. 

Once I earned a specific number of points, I got a chest. This chest contains a random prize that was tailored to my playing preferences. There are six types of chests, and each one has random prizes worth up to a certain value e.g. diamond chests have prizes worth up to $75 each.

Chests levels

  • Blue (333 points required; $0.50 chest value)
  • Bronze (935 points required; $1.50 chest value)
  • Silver (2,850 points required; $5 chest value)
  • Gold (10,800 points required; $20 chest value)
  • Diamond (37,500 points required; $75 chest value)
  • Black (100,000 points required; $250 chest value)

Chests can also contain StarCoins. These can be exchanged for cash or bonuses at a rate of 100:1 e.g. 2,500 StarCoins = $25 in cash/bonuses.

Runner-up: Duelz

A close second to PokerStars when it comes to the best UK loyalty bonuses is Duelz. In fact, not only is Duelz one of the best places to get loyalty rewards, it’s among the top UK casinos in all departments. From welcome bonuses and exclusive games to customer support and payments, it’s a high-quality platform I firmly believe any casino UK player should try. 

For example, Duelz is one of the top casinos for cashback bonuses. This type of casino bonus is great because it reduces your overall risk, which, in turn, improves your overall gaming experience. The specifics of the Duelz Casino loyalty rewards program are:

  • Get 10% of your weekly net spend back every Friday. 
  • Your net spend is calculated by taking your total bets minus any wins and rewards. 
  • Cashback is credited to your Duelz Casino account as cash, not bonus credits. This means there are no wagering requirements. 
  • The minimum amount of cashback is £0.10.

Honourable mentions

I’ve outlined the UK’s two best loyalty bonus programs, but what about the rest? Well, all of my recommended UK casino sites offer generous bonuses if you’re a consistent real-money customer. With this in mind, here’s a round-up of the UK’s top loyalty casinos:

1. Magic Red Casino loyalty program 

Magic Red is among the top casinos in Europe for rewards and bonuses, and it brings this generosity over to the UK, as well. For example, customers in Britain can earn monthly cashback on all their losses, paid out on the 3rd of every month.

When I visited it earlier, it had a point-based program, where points could be used to unlock bonus rewards, including site credit and cashback on losses. While I’m not particularly pleased they reduced the scope of their previous loyalty scheme, cash back is still one of my favourite promotional rewards, so I think this program remains pretty valuable to loyal customers.

2. Winomania Loyalty Club

Winomania’s a great operator with almost endless casino games on offer. In terms of its casino rewards program, Winomania uses a loyalty reward system where I could earn one loyalty point for every £10 that I wagered. The value of the loyalty points I earned increased based on my Club level, and the bonuses I received had much more value.

For example, once I’d reached Platinum level of the VIP level, I received £600 in my account every time I accumulated 9000 points. If you’re a high-roller, these VIP clubs really pay for themselves, in my opinion.

3. Mr Vegas Rainbow Fridays loyalty rewards

Based on my experience with it, Mr Vegas does things slightly differently from other top-rated UK loyalty bonus casinos. There isn’t a points system, but the amount you play with does influence the types of rewards you receive. Basically, the Mr Vegas promotions team assessed my betting activity throughout the week. This includes wagers I made on slots and live casino games

Based on my accumulated volume and risk (i.e. the RTP scores you’ve been exposed to), the promotions team determined a suitable reward. This reward is known as a Rainbow Treasure and got added to my Mr Vegas account on Friday. The minimum value of these random prizes is £0.50, and the maximum value is £300, and when I was active on the casino, it added a pretty nice bonus to my playing budget.

4. 10bet VIP program

10bet is one of the best UK casinos I’ve played at if you’re after bonuses for high-volume players. The 10 Club loyalty program operates on an application-only basis. This means I had to contact the customer support team to join. They assessed my playing activity and decided that I was right for the club, but the specific criteria I was graded on are not publicly available. 

Once I got into the 10bet loyalty rewards program, I received a variety of perks, including:

  • Lower wagering requirements on bonuses
  • A personal account manager with a WhatsApp contact
  • Special tournaments
  • Exclusive offers
  • Personalised bonuses
  • Faster withdrawals

5. VoodooDreams loyalty program

VoodooDreams is among the UK’s top casinos when it comes to creativity. I say this because its bonuses are called spells. Each spell gave me a certain amount of power that determined the value of my bonus.

This overarching theme extends to the rewards program, where my real-money bets were used to unlock spells. I did this in two specific ways:

Experience Points

Real-money wagers allowed me to earn Experience Points (XP). These points determine your VIP status and how “powerful” my spells (bonuses) were.

Spirit Points

Real-money wagers also allowed me to earn Spirit Points (SP). These points are used to cast one of four spells: 

  • Blood Magic Spell = free spins
  • Dark Magic Spell = small deposit bonus
  • Light Magic Spell = large deposit bonus
  • Spirit Magic Spell = real cash no wagering requirements

I earned 1,000 SP per £1 wagered on casino games, including slots, blackjack and roulette. However, the amount I actually collected in the end was based on my wins and losses. It’s a fairly complex system, so read the wagering requirements before you start. However, overall, VoodooDreams was definitely one of the most creative loyalty bonus casinos in the UK that I used. 

6. 32Red Casino rewards

32Red has a tailored system of loyalty bonuses known as My Red Rewards. As a real-money customer, I could log into my account on a daily basis and there would be a unique bonus waiting for me.

These bonuses had wagering requirements, but 32Red Casino offers a fair play policy, which meant I could withdraw the winnings at any time, provided I completed the wagering requirement. If I hadn’t, and tried to withdraw, I would be forfeiting my bonus immediately.

Most popular online casino loyalty bonuses in the UK

Getting added value as a real-money customer is relatively easy, in my experience. As long as you’re active, you can get loyalty rewards and perks, including:

  • Cashback bonuses: These bonuses give you money back based on your betting activity as well as certain losing bets. The amount you receive will be a percentage of your total spend.
  • Wagering races: These are tournaments where you play slots or table games, such as poker, to earn as many points as possible. The top performers win a share of the prize pool. Online casinos will often give you free entry to races as part of their loyalty program.
  • Bespoke casino bonuses: Many of the best bonuses are tailored to your playing preferences. For example, if you mainly play slots, bespoke bonuses will get you free spins. 
  • VIP account manager: A lot of UK casino loyalty programs have levels. The top levels usually have extra perks, such as dedicated account managers and enhanced customer support. 
  • Sporting and event invites: Some of the best loyalty rewards you can get are invites to special experiences, such as football matches and live events.
  • Prizes and regular giveaways: UK online casinos often run prize giveaways as promotions. Prizes can range from cash and merchandise to luxury items and holidays. 
  • Birthday bonuses and promotions: The UK’s top casinos will give you something special on your birthday. Your present could be bonus credits, free spins or something equally generous. 

Is there a difference between a casino loyalty program and VIP offers?

The terms “loyalty program”, “VIP offers” and “VIP rewards” are often used interchangeably. However, if I’m being strict about it, loyalty programs are open to all casino players. You earn points based on the amount you wager.

VIP programs typically operate on an invite-only basis and are only open to the most active customers. Finally, VIP rewards are the the specific bonuses you get once invited into a VIP scheme.

How do I find the best casino loyalty offers for UK players?

You can find the best bonuses at all of my recommended UK casinos, including PokerStars, Winomania and Duelz. You can, of course, scour the market yourself.

However, I not only take the time to review and compare all the latest bonus offers, I have a wealth of experience in this area. This means I know how to spot hot offers, and you can rely on my assessments and recommendations to make your choices. 

How to join the top casino loyalty programs in the UK

You can speak to an online casino’s customer support team if there’s a loyalty program that operates on an invite-only basis. If, however, the loyalty rewards are open to everyone, here’s how to get them:

  1. Read my UK casino reviews to find a loyalty program/s you like. 
  2. Use my secure sign-up links and any necessary promo codes. 
  3. Once you’ve completed the registration process, make a deposit. 
  4. Claim any welcome bonuses you’re entitled to and start playing. 
  5. Check the wagering requirements to find out which games help you earn the most points.
  6. Play real-money casino games to earn points and unlock loyalty rewards.*

*Never wager more than you can afford to lose. 

How to earn points for the best UK casino loyalty bonuses

Every casino loyalty rewards program has its own wagering conditions. This means there aren’t any universal standards for earning points and claiming bonuses between casinos.

The main thing I want you to remember is that your betting activity determines how many points you earn. It’s also worth noting that, in general, slots offer the most bang for your buck (or pound). 

How do I redeem my casino loyalty points?

You can turn your loyalty points into rewards by following the steps I outlined below:

  1. Log into your casino account. 
  2. Play real-money casino games to earn points. 
  3. Go to the promotions page/your account page to check your points balance before you proceed. 
  4. Go to the rewards store and choose a bonus. 
  5. Tap the option to spend your points. 
  6. Collect your bonus and, if necessary, meet any wagering requirements before making a withdrawal.

Can I get real money as a casino loyalty bonus?

Yes. Some of the best loyalty rewards programs offer cash prizes instead of bonus funds. For example, you can exchange loyalty points for cash prizes at several UK casinos, like 32Red.

You can also turn Spirit Points into spells that contain cash prizes at Voodoo Dreams. Getting cash prizes in your native currency means you don’t have to hit any playthrough targets before requesting a withdrawal. 

Which casinos have refer-a-friend casino bonuses?

Not all online casinos offer refer-a-friend bonuses, but you can get something extra at 32Red and VoodooDreams. For clarity, refer-a-friend bonuses are rewards you get for inviting new sign-ups. Some of the offers you’ll find online are:

  • 32Red – you can get £5 worth of bingo credit for referring friends
  • VoodooDreams – anyone who uses your sign-up link earns you extra loyalty points

Things to look out for in a UK casino loyalty program

How do you spot hot offers and avoid the weak ones? Here are some things to look for, according to my experience:

Generous loyalty programs… 

  • Offer a variety of bonuses and perks.
  • Make it easy for players at all levels to earn rewards.
  • Give you slots and live casino bonuses. 
  • Personalise bonuses.
  • Don’t have restrictive wagering requirements such as high playthrough targets.

Poor loyalty programs…

  • Are only available to high rollers. 
  • Don’t offer anything other than bonus credits.
  • Make you hit high playthrough targets before making withdrawals.
  • Only give you credit for playing a small selection of games.

Which UK casino has the best loyalty program?

PokerStars has the best loyalty program among the UK’s top online casinos because it offers something for everyone. There are six loyalty tiers, and the random rewards are personalised to your playing preferences. This, combined with the fact PokerStars has hundreds of great games, made me declare it one of the UK’s best loyalty casinos.

Why I love casino loyalty programs and bonuses

Online casino gaming is an uncertain business, so I’m always looking for bonus offers. The right rewards can help offset any bouts of bad luck, or give me something extra on top of my winnings when things are going my way.

What’s more, they’re a thank-you for spending your time at an online casino. That’s why I love online casino rewards and the reasons you should as well.

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