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British Tourists Assaulted By Bouncers In Thailand: Video Shows Vicious Beating

Police warned the guards but didn’t arrest them due to absence of a formal complaint.

A British tourist is in a coma fighting for his life after a security guard at a bar in Pattaya, Thailand, kicked him in the head, according to The Metro. The incident, which occurred on Friday night at Helicopters Bar, reportedly stemmed from a dispute over a drinks bill.

Disturbing footage circulating online shows the attack. According to reports, an argument erupted between the bar’s hostess and three British men over an unpaid portion of their bill. The tourists refused to pay, claiming they were being scammed.

Watch the video here:

After the hostess called security, CCTV captured the tourists settling the bill. However, the situation escalated when one of the tourists allegedly pushed a security guard, triggering a brawl outside the bar.

The video shows three security guards overpowering the British men, with one tourist pleading for mercy while lying on the ground. In a horrific act of violence, a security guard then delivers a full-force kick to the head of the defenceless tourist. The victim is seen unconscious on the ground for several minutes.

Witnesses reported that the tourist is currently in a coma in intensive care. Despite the severity of the attack, Thai police have only issued a warning to the security guards. No arrests have been made as no formal complaint has been filed.

“There’s no case open until they complain. We’ve looked around but can’t find them. Yes, we’re still checking the CCTV to see what happened to them. There are rumours that he is in intensive care, but we haven’t heard anything from hospitals,” Sergeant Major Arthon from the Pattaya City police station told The Metro.