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Career Horoscope: Your daily career horoscope for July 2 2024 | – Times of India

Career Horoscope: Your daily career horoscope for July 2 2024 | – Times of India

Find out what your stars have to say today, on July 2, 2024, as astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji predicted.

Dear Aries, this day is all about energy as the day progresses. You mustn’t let the smallest of opportunities slip and you must show your leadership skills.
Yes, love life is important but right now your career should be in focus, as someone does have negative intentions to bring you down at work or as a student.It is important to stay patient for fruitful outcomes.
Gemini, you must take that advice given by your senior and work on it, as your future career is on the line for the same. It is crucial to embrace change.

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Being emotional and empathic is great, but you must get practical where your career is concerned. There are people taking advantage of you. You ought to trust your intuition and maintain professionalism for success.
Do not trample on others, and neither should you let someone else do that to you. Take risks and pursue your ambitions passionately. Stop trusting everyone around you.
Dear Virgo, it is time to test this person you feel is good at his or her work because there is something not right. Your Ketu is getting stronger, and deceit is the vibe here.
You are diplomatic, and that has helped you, but there are sorts of people who can see through that diplomacy and even see this as hypocrisy. Beware of nosey people, and work on your strategies.
As a Scorpio, you are extra conscious, but have you realised that that has done nothing but harm your mental health more? Your intimidating vibe has made some very useful people run away from you! Work on your people’s skills or else the right people will also become wrong.
Your optimism is beautiful, and your stars are by your side, working on your goal with you. Keep working hard and today an extra boost will help you reach faster.
Your discipline and perseverance have worked very well. Do stay away from gossip today, as that may ricochet
Your stars are with you but beware of people trying to bring you down with hollow motives and strategies. Steer clear of group shenanigans for a while.
Like always, dear Pisces, trust your intuition in career choices. There may be several distractions, but you must remember that it is your career.