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Expert shares one 3-minute exercise that help shred fat fast

Exercising regularly can be hard to do. Some people struggle to find the time due to work and family commitments, while others are limited to what they can physically do.

However, it is an important part of staying healthy with the NHS recommending at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.

It can help keep your heart healthy, keep you at a healthy weight and lower your risk for a number of dangerous conditions.

If you are someone who struggles to find the time to exercise, or is unable to do certain things, one expert recommended a simple three-minute routine.

Posting on social media platform TikTok, fitness influencer Dudu Lam, shared her short daily workout that doesn’t require jumping.

This is especially effective if you are overweight or have knee problems, she said.

Speaking to her more than 110,000 followers she said: “If you are overweight or you have any problems, try these no jumping exercises.

“Let’s get your body activated and energy boost up.”

To begin she warmed up by simply stepping from side to side and flapping her arms down like a bird in time to some music.

This was followed by 10 different exercises, all set to music.

The first involves bringing your arms up above your head as if clapping and back down again while stepping from side to side.

She said: “Relax the knees, tighten the abs.”

Then she punched up to the sky one hand at a time.

Next Dudu performed a back kick one leg at a time while pushing the elbows back.

She then extended one arm fully out to the side and brought the other across her chest and reversed it – a move called bow and arrow.

For the fifth step she did crunches – hip thrusts forward and back to work the abs.
She then pulled one knee up at a time and clapped under it.

The next move was a chasse to the right and left – basically taking two steps to the side, extending your leading arm up.

Dudu then demonstrated a knee drive where she lifted each knee up at a time and touched it with the opposite elbow.

Following this was a hip swing – pushing the hips from side to side.

Finally the routine ended on running on the spot, although Dudu did not lift her feet up to do so and instead mimicked running movements with the top half of her body.

Her followers loved the routine, with one commenting: “I do this every night either twice or three times after I walk for 10 minutes on the treadmill, it’s working.”

Another added: “You really can feel it! I’m going to keep up with it! Thank you!”