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How to fix the UK’s creaking tech visa system

The UK continues to tackle a skills gap for crucial tech roles. At the same time, government plans to reduce net migration have caused concerns among startups that it will become even more challenging to secure the right talent. What are the visa options for people hoping to work in the UK’s tech ecosystem and how can this process be optimised?

One of the UK’s main work visa routes is the Skilled Worker visa, which requires an employer to apply for a sponsor licence to sponsor skilled roles where there are genuine vacancies.

In December, Home Secretary James Cleverly announced reforms that increase the earnings threshold from £26,200 to £38,700 – a sum greater than the UK national average salary.

This has prompted backlash from the tech sector. Earlier this month, lobby group Startup Coalition and think tank The Entrepreneurs Network sent an open letter to Cleverly warning of the damage the changes will cause….