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Social media reacts to UK PM Rishi Sunak’s ‘no Sky TV’ childhood, video goes viral

Social media reacts to UK PM Rishi Sunak’s ‘no Sky TV’ childhood, video goes viral

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has once again attracted social media scrutiny following his remarks about his childhood experiences, specifically mentioning the absence of Sky TV. Sunak, 44, born to parents of Indian origin, highlighted his family’s sacrifices during an interview with ITV, set to air today. His father, a general practitioner, and his mother, a pharmacist, prioritized their children’s education, reflecting values of hard work instilled in Sunak from an early age.In response to questions about his awareness of ordinary people’s struggles, particularly given his considerable wealth, Sunak reiterated his upbringing’s modesty, attributing it to his parents’ immigrant background and their emphasis on hard work.

However, when pressed to provide specific examples of deprivation, Sunak mentioned the absence of luxuries such as Sky TV during his childhood, sparking both bemusement and criticism on social media platforms.

The UK Prime Minister, married to Akshata Murty, daughter of Infosys billionaire Narayana Murthy, has faced allegations in the past of being disconnected from the realities faced by working-class citizens. Despite his family’s substantial wealth, Sunak’s upbringing and education at prestigious institutions like Winchester College have been scrutinized in light of his claims of understanding ordinary struggles.

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Social media users quickly reacted to Sunak’s comments, with some highlighting his privileged background, including attending one of the country’s most expensive schools. Others recalled a previous interview where Sunak admitted to not having working-class friends during his upbringing.

Sunak’s personal wealth, estimated at over £650 million, places him among the wealthiest individuals in Britain, ahead of even King Charles. The Labour Party has seized on Sunak’s wealth to criticize his government’s policies, citing examples such as a controversial bet involving asylum seekers and his recent decision to prioritize a televised interview over attending D-Day commemorations.

Despite Sunak’s attempts to portray himself as in touch with ordinary people’s struggles, his comments have reignited debates about privilege and representation in British politics. As the UK continues to grapple with socio-economic challenges, Sunak’s remarks serve as a reminder of the complexities surrounding issues of wealth and class in public discourse.