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“There are no jobs in the UK”: London borgar opens up about life in Britain

“There are no jobs in the UK”: London borgar opens up about life in Britain

  • Ghanaian based abroad has stated that jobs have become hard to come by for many migrants in the UK
  • Speaking to DJ Nyame of SVTV Africa fame about life abroad, the young man said many people are struggling to find their feet due to the job scarcity in the UK
  • The young man said a friend of his who recently moved to the UK from Ghana has been home for four months without a job

A young Ghanaian man based in the UK has opened up about life in life abroad.

Among the myriad of challenges confronting foreigners in the UK, the young Ghanaian man said jobs have become extremely hard to come by.

London borgar advises Ghanaians planning to travel to Great Britain
DJ Nyame and the young man
Photo credit: @eddie_wrt/X
Source: Twitter

Speaking in an interview with DJ Nyame on the SVTV Africa YouTube channel, the young Ghanaian, who has lived in the UK for quite some time now asserted that many new entrants are struggling to find their feet due to the unavailability of jobs.

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He mentioned that a guy from his hometown in Ghana, who recently moved to the UK and has been living with him, still hasn’t found a job after four months in the country.

“There no longer jobs here. People are struggling to find jobs to do these days. Someone from my hometown has moved to the UK and he is living with me, he has not worked for months now,” he told DJ Nyame.

He said that he and his hometown friend have been roaming around looking for jobs to no avail, as they were told there were no vacancies wherever they went.

The young man further stated that, sometimes, obtaining a job depended on the type of visa the person used to travel to the UK, adding that those who moved to the country via the student route struggled the most to find a job because of their documents.

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He also used the opportunity offered by DJ Nyame to dispel the notion that UK borgars are stingy.

He explained that it is the system that forces people to come across as such because money is not easy to come by in the UK.

Ghanaians online disagree with his assertion

The young man’s assertions generated a buzz on X after the video was shared there by @eddie_wrt.

Many Ghanaians who chanced on the video disagreed with his assertion, with some saying he told a lie.

@HailTizzy said:

Masa ebi lie, my cousin lef to the UK now less than 3 months she dey work. The money she dey make but she just dey misuse it sef.

@Eligistgh replied:

“Ther is no lie Here it depends on the type of Visa u take travel that go determine if u go fit work or not.”

@bondzii also said:

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“Come back so someone go herh ? Many jobs in Ghana.”

@Fabre_gas41 wrote:

“I also know someone who went just last month and is working.”

Watch the video if the young man’s

Ghanaian in the UK says she wants to return home

In a related story, YEN.com.gh reported that Diana, a Ghanaian residing in the UK, initially believed life abroad was the epitome of success and easy prosperity.

However, her perspective shifted dramatically upon arrival, experiencing the harsh realities and challenges within the first week.

In an interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, she said due to her experiences, she would want to return to Ghana.

People dey suffer for UK.

A Ghanaian based in the UK has opened up about the job scarcity that has hit the UK.

“Come back so someone go herh? Many jobs in Ghana,” a netizen replied.,

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