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2024 Best Online Casino Games – Play Casino Games Online

Trying to figure what online casino game is right for you? Check out our game guides, tips, tricks and top US online casino suggestions in the legal online casino market.

Advantages to Playing Casino Games Online

There are plenty of advantages to testing your skills online instead of heading to a retail casino. Lets take a look at some of the top advantages in playing casino games online.

  • Great for Beginners: If you have ever been intimidated to walk up to a crowded blackjack or craps table at a retail casino, you can now learn the game online and feel confident next time you want to roll some dice.
  • Game Selection: Gone are the days of wandering around the casino trying to find your favorite game only to find out that the table is full or your slot machine is taken. Online casinos never make you wait and the huge library of games game is always available.
  • Lower stakes: Where the minimum bet for most table games at a retail casino can be anywhere from $15-$100, you can play blackjack, baccarat, craps and all other games online starting at just 10 cents per hand. Slots start at 8 cents per spin and you can hit jackpots in the 5-6 figures with bets starting at just 20 cents per spin. Good luck finding that in a retail casino.
  • Better RTP (return to player): While most table games will be around the same RTP, online slots on average are around 93%-98% where retail casino slot RTPs will range from 88%-93%. This means your money goes further and you can expect to win more often.
  • Convenience: Instead of gathering up some friends, getting dressed and ready to go out, you can play online anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Bonuses, Bonuses, Bonuses: Online casinos know you have many options when it comes to online casinos in legal states, so in order to entice you to try theirs, they offer new player and recurring casino bonuses which means you are literally playing with house money.

Top Rated Online Casinos for Real Money

Real Money vs Free Play Casinos

Whether you want to jump right in to real money gambling or you want to test the waters in some freeplay, there are plenty of options for you out there.

Online casinos are legal in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia and coming soon to other states, but for those located outside of these states, there are social casinos that allow you to play for free and cash in your virtual winnings for cash and other prizes.

You also have the option of freeplay on most legal online casino sites as well. You still must be 21+ in order to play, but is always a good option to try out some new games.

Best Free Play Casino Games and Social Casinos

Online Casino Games FAQs

Yes! Online Casino games are legal in Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island and more are coming soon.

No, casino games are highly regulated by the state governing body, and must pass rigorous testing to assure that they are safe to play all work off of a random number generator to make sure that all games are fair.

The safe answer to this question is slots as there is no skill required and you rely soley on the RNG (random number generator) for wins and losses. Roulette is another great game for beginners as you can just pick black, red or any number and have a great time.

There are plenty of other games such as blackjack, baccarat and video poker that can be mastered in short time and we suggest reading our game guides and trying them out for free online before jumping onto a live table.

Yes! Most online casinos have demo versions of a ton of popular titles or you can sign up for a social online casino and play with virtual currency known as gold coins.

Craps, when played strategically, can give you the best odds of winning over time. Blackjack is a close second and can boast RTP of over 99%.

In order to be approved by the state they operate in, all online casinos must have a high level of responsible gambling resources. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.