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Astrologer shares Taurus season horoscope for all star signs

Inbaal’s predictions were for all star signs (Image: Getty)

About three or four times a year, Mercury speeds past Earth, and that is when we experience a Mercury retrograde period.

April was ruled by this retrograde, which was also the first one of the year. While the retrograde itself has come to an end, the shadow remains until May 13.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, astrologer, Inbaal Honigman explained: “The month of May starts with no planets in retrograde at all.

”When a planet goes retrograde, meaning it appears to be going backwards in the sky, it is said to bring delays, confusion or misfortune.”

Inbaal continued: “Of course, planets never actually go backwards, and delays are only ever temporary, and still – avoiding the worry of the retrograde during the first two days of the month is a blessing.

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Astrologer shares May horoscope for all star signs as Pluto brings ‘political bombshells’ (Image: Getty)

“Five planets in Taurus for the majority of the month add a lovely air of peacefulness and calm to the month, then most are then taken over by fun-loving Gemini gradually, from the May 21 onwards. This will be a time for celebrations. Some political bombshells are likely after the May 3rd, courtesy of Pluto, planet of rebirth.”

Taurus – April 20 to May 20

May is largely ruled by the sign of Taurus, known as “Taurus Season” for those born under this zodiac. Predicting the month ahead for Taureans, Inbaal said: “For big stretches this month, various planets are in your sign, causing you to feel right at home. The Sun is in Taurus until May 21, meaning everyone behaves in a more Taurean manner, so the general population is on your wavelength.

“Venus, planet of love, and your sign’s ruler, is in Taurus until the May 24, so your love life is stable and comforting. Jupiter, planet of generosity is in your sign until Sunday 26 which means finances will bloom, and finally Uranus, planet of chaos is in your sign all month, bringing in some surprises. From the May 16 onwards, Mercury planet of communication is in your sign as well! Forecasting luck in all commercial matters, and creating a boost on the dating sites.”

Gemini – May 21 to June 21

The astrologer continued: “Three planets make their way into your sign this month, marking the start of your birthday celebrations. First, the Sun enters Gemini on May 21, officially kicking off Gemini season. This means that your friends and loved ones will turn into party people, just like you are every day of the year. Then Venus, planet of love, enters your sign on May 24, so romance can take centre stage. Finally, Jupiter planet of expansion marches into Gemini, blessing you with abundance, financial stability and good fortune around money and possessions.”

Cancer – June 22 to July 22

Inbaal claimed: “You’re an indoorsy sign, and you love for life to be predictable, with only the odd family party as a surprise here and there. The good news is, that this month there are no eclipses, so no cause for alarm. May is a peaceful month for you. The full moon on the May 23 will influence you since the moon is your ruler.

“The full moon is in adventurous Sagittarius, meaning you’ll feel like breaking the rules a little bit. And the new moon on May 7 is in traditional Taurus, so that period will be more calm and peaceful for you.”

Leo – July 23 to August 22

The astrologer said: “The shifts and changes of your sign’s fortunes are straightforward to see, because you are ruled by the Sun. The Sun travels through the signs, season by season, this month going from three weeks of stability in Taurus, on to ten days of being outgoing and curious in Gemini.”

Inbaal explained that the difference between an easy month and a complicated month is, whether the rest of the planets are experiencing a similar journey. She continued: “In May, both Venus planet of love and Jupiter planet of expansion walk a similar path. Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini on the May 24 and Jupiter on May 26. This makes you feel as if you’re aligned to humanity all around you, and enjoying the same experiences.”

Virgo – August 23 to September 22

Inbaal claimed: “It’s a game of two halves for those ruled by the planet Mercury. The ancient Roman God of communication and commerce gives his name to the planet that rules you, and this planet spends the first 15 days of the month in fun-loving, fitness mad Aries. Those two weeks are hectic for you, social invitations abound and your energy is endless. Mercury then shifts to peaceful, bookish Taurus, and from May 16 onwards you prioritise indoor time, and want to care for your nearest and dearest people at home.”

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Taurus season is in full swing for most of the month (Image: Getty)

Libra – September 23 to October 23

The move from Taurus season to Gemini season during May is felt strongly by those with the Libra star sign. Inbaal elaborated: “While the Sun, which touches everyone, goes from peaceful Taurus to party-animal Gemini on May 21 it is your ruling planet Venus, planet of love which affects you the most. A few days after the Sun, Venus makes the change on May 24 While Venus is in Taurus, you will find that love flows naturally to you. From then onwards, Gemini makes sure that you’re invited to parties and spend time outdoors with friends.”

Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

The only retrograde this month happens to be the modern ruling planet, Pluto. On May 2 it turns backwards, and remains backwards-bound for the rest of the month.

Inbaal explained: “Since Pluto is the planet of transformation, it means that your attempts at breaking free from the norm may be scuppered. However, you also have a traditional ruling planet, that is passionate Mars. This month Mars is in fiery Aries all month, so you’ll be feeling alert and full of life, and motivated to take on a fitness challenge.”

Sagittarius – November 22 to December 21

The astrologer continued: “The full moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd is your one opportunity this year to harness the invigorating, empowering energies of the moon to push you forward in life and love. Every month, the moon spends around two and a half days in each sign. But only once a year you hit the full moon in your sign.

“Go all out and step outside under the moon herself – get outdoors and set your goals, lighting a candle and raising a wish. Spend the full moon night visualising your desires in life. No doubt, travel, adventure and big meals will feature, but what else would you like to achieve?”

Aquarius – January 20 to February 18

According to the astrologer, Pluto, the planet of rebirth is in this sign all month, again. She continued: “Pluto has been in your sign for most of the year, and in May, it goes retrograde. As a planet appears to be going backwards, it can bring delays and discomfort, so the process of rebirth, of creating a new direction in your life, is met with challenges. No retrograde lasts forever, so embrace those delays and give yourself permission to take a few days off and rest. Pluto will be in your sign for the next 19 years, so you’ll have plenty of chances to complete that rebirth.”

Pisces – February 19 to March 20

Since the start of the year, and until the end of the year, two planets are constantly in Pisces. Saturn, the planet of karma is in this sign, and Neptune, the planet of dreams is also in Pisces, which means that Pisceans’ daydreams slowly come true, in their own time and according to your personal journey.

Inbaal explained: “It’s a slow process, and in May both planets are going direct. It means that neither of them is retrograde, so every change is fortuitous. Next month, Saturn will turn retrograde, and in July, Neptune will too, so enjoy the good fortune of May, before things become more challenging.”

Aries – March 21 to April 19

The astrologer said: “The tail end of Aries season last month has left you with a couple of blessings, namely two planets in your sign. Mars, the planet of passion and war is in your sign all month, and it is also your ruling planet. This means that you’ll be surrounded by admirers all month who’ll be hitting on you, but there’s also the outside risk of getting into arguments more easily since Mars has both a light and a dark aspect.

“And then Mercury, planet of communication spends the first two weeks in Aries, so you’ll find all manners of communication to be fast and easy – emails, conversations, social media and work meetings, will more often than not, tend to go your way.”