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Five luckiest animals in May 2024, according to Chinese astrology

The Dragon, a symbol of strength, good fortune and success in Chinese culture, suggests that 2024 will be a year filled with prosperity.

However, not all zodiac signs will experience this luck equally. Some are destined for more highs than lows in the coming months, particularly those that share a special connection with the mighty Dragon.

During this period, the diligent Pig will see favourable opportunities and fortunate circumstances, while the vivacious Monkey will witness exciting career advancements. 

Its nourishing Wood element brings improvement, evolution and abundance. So, are you one of the lucky ones?

Here are the five Chinese zodiac signs set to enjoy immense success in May 2024.


The Chinese zodiac sign that will be the luckiest in May 2024 is the Pig, which will greatly benefit from the energy of the Wood Dragon. The Dragon’s influence will boost the Pig’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, leading to opportunities materialising as the year progresses.

Therefore, it’s time for those born in the Year of the Pig to reap the rewards of their hard work and sincerity, seizing all the positive energy and blessings coming their way.

Although they may start the year feeling a bit unmotivated, the spring season will spark their creativity and they could land their dream job.

As for their love life, romance will sweep them off their feet. A transformative romantic relationship could give their life new meaning, so they should be open to forming new connections.


As for the Monkey, another Chinese zodiac sign, they are set to have a great year in 2024 due to their compatibility with the Dragon. Their natural charisma will shine brightly this year and others will find their aura utterly captivating.

The Gods of Fortune will bless both their personal and professional lives, and whatever they wish for might come true because the Dragon favours them.

In May 2024, Monkeys will need to be ready for change, demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges, plan ahead and save for future growth opportunities. This is the year for them to use their inherent agility to navigate difficulties.

In terms of love and relationships, open communication and emotional balance are crucial. Patience and discernment will be key in finding love.


For Rats, May will bring both success and challenges. However, their quick wit and resourcefulness can help turn the tide in their favour.

Dragons will provide guidance in this year, ensuring they avoid major disasters. They should prepare for potential financial gains, investment opportunities and long-term financial stability.

Prudence and caution are necessary when managing finances. 2024 will also satisfy their wanderlust as they’ll have opportunities to travel globally for business, professional, personal, and leisure purposes.

Dragons will find their intuition and adaptability to be spot-on, helping them seize lucrative opportunities. Their creativity and hard work will be key to their success.

In relationships, they’ll learn valuable lessons and overcome any obstacles with partners or family members, thanks to the Dragon’s energy and confidence. They should take their time in romantic relationships, letting wisdom and intuition guide them.

Building a trusted relationship that lasts is important, and they should avoid being too possessive, controlling or jealous.


Goats, on the other hand, can look forward to May 2024 being filled with the auspicious energy of the Dragon. This zodiac animal should prepare for a period of favourable change and transformation as they pursue personal growth and self-discovery.

Goats will experience fulfilling relationships, visit new and exotic places, and turn their passion into their profession. They’ll be motivated to realise their aspirations and artistic desires.

They must utilise their intelligence and skills to overcome hurdles. They may face some minor setbacks this year, but they should not let these small obstacles divert them from their larger life goals.

Decisions made in 2024, whether in career or relationships, will free them from burdens and herald the start of a wonderful phase.


Despite encountering sudden challenges and changes, the strong and resilient Roosters will still pave the way for personal and professional growth. The Year Of The Wood Dragon 2024 promises them a steady stream of luck.

They are likely to meet influential individuals and form profitable partnerships, with networking and collaboration being key to their success. So, stay adaptable to changes in your work environment and embrace increased responsibilities rather than being overwhelmed by them. Moreover, it’s time for the rooster to enjoy harmony in their family life.

In terms of finances, exercise caution and prudence, it’s advisable to consult a professional before making significant investment decisions and better to avoid any risky ventures. May 2024 will bring thrilling opportunities for love and romance, but not without some challenges. All they need to do is be patient in matters of the heart.