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Is the Mr Beast Casino App Legit or a Scam?

The recent buzz around the “Mr Beast Casino App” has sparked widespread alarm in the digital landscape of influencer endorsements. James Donaldson, better known as YouTube celebrity MrBeast, has become the unwitting face of an online scam that aims to deceive followers of his channel and other unsuspecting internet users.

This article aims to dissect these scams, offer insights into how to identify and avoid them and guide readers toward safer online gambling practices.

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Is the Mr Beast Casino App a Scam?

The straightforward answer is yes: the Mr Beast casino app and associated giveaways are indeed scams. Mr Beast does not endorse any casinos or gambling apps. The fake apps are deceptively promoted, aiming to trap fans and online users into schemes that eventually lead to financial losses.

Looking closer, the ads only appear to be backed by Mr Beast because they were made using deepfake technology that generated fake but realistic videos of the celebrity endorsing the app. Adding to the confusion, these advertisements often incorporate the names of well-known gambling apps, making these misleading offers appear more believable. The app scams, including enticing giveaways, promise massive rewards and easy money, exploiting Mr Beast’s reputation for generosity.

The fake applications are also known to be involved in phishing operations. Often, they require the user to input their personal details upon registration. After submitting this information, scammers immediately access the user details as a form of data breach.

The Mr Beast online casino scam is just one of many schemes malicious players employ to scrape for user data or get online players to give away funds. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of verifying the legitimacy of any app or promotion that appears to have celebrity backing or other seemingly licit endorsements.

Mr Beast Casino Apps to Avoid

With top influencer’s names and brands now being used to create elaborate scams to con people out of their hard-earned money, it’s more important than ever to do thorough research before signing up for any casino-style app or download.

The rise in Mr Beast Casino apps has risen sharply over the last year but these apps are bogus, and if you wish to play legitimate casino games, slots, and even live dealer games, you need to do some research first.

We have investigated not only the main Mr Beast Casino scam but also other apps associating themselves with the YouTube star.

Some of the biggest scams are MrBeast.world, MrBet Casino, Land Of Sweet Bonanza, and the Plin Ko Whai app, all of which are scams and ones we cover in-depth on this page.

Scammers frequently change their names and appearances to evade detection and make it harder for people to catch their scams. Likewise, there isn’t just one fake Mr Beast casino app being promoted. Usually, these other apps have legitimate online casino game titles, offer lucrative gambling opportunities, and are promoted with deepfakes of other celebrities.

Each app is fabricated, with no real chances of winning or gaining the promised rewards. Again, the primary aim of the scammer is to acquire or phish personal information or entice users into making in-app purchases that ultimately amount to nothing.

Mr. Beast Land Of Sweet Bonanza

mr beast land of sweet bonanza scammr beast land of sweet bonanza scam

One example is the Mr. Beast Land of Sweet Bonanza, which promotes the real money slot game Sweet Bonanza alongside the Mr. Beast name to appear credible. This was marketed through an AI-enhanced video.

This Mr Beast app was even promoted via a scam advertisement pretending to be a Sky News video that was deep faked. There have also been numerous reports of ads appearing on Facebook for this app.

These scammers are utilizing every social media channel possible to make a fast buck. Don’t fall prey to these unscrupulous practices and only play on recognized and regulated casino apps and sites.

Plin Ko Whai App

mr beast you tube plin ko whai scammr beast you tube plin ko whai scam

Another Mr Beast online casino to avoid is the Plin Ko Whai app, which aimed to ride the growing popularity of online Plinko, a game often seen in carnivals and game shows.
Each app is fabricated, with no real chances of winning or gaining the promised rewards. Again, the primary aim of the scammer is to acquire or phish personal information or entice users into making in-app purchases that ultimately amount to nothing.

There are so many variations of Plinko that it is difficult to know which ones are real and which are fake. The screenshot above is from an AI-generated video that pertains to an interview with Mr Beast.

We want to protect you, so remember this screenshot because this video is one you want to avoid.

Other Mr Beast Scams to Watch Out For

Aside from the online casino apps, scammers have also promoted other fake Mr Beast applications that fans and users should be wary of. These other scams are often but not always deceptive mobile games, fake contests, and blowout giveaways. They are usually showcased through social media platforms, counterfeit websites, and sometimes even through direct messaging.

Finger on the App 1 & Finger on the App 2

mr beast finger on the app scammr beast finger on the app scam

Ads for the games “Finger on the App 1” and “Finger on the App 2”, inspired by Mr. Beast, offer cash rewards to users who keep their finger on the app as long as possible. However, participants later find that the game does not give any money for following the instructions.

Mr Beast 1,000 Dollar Giveaway

mr beast one thousand dollar giveaway scammr beast one thousand dollar giveaway scam

There’s another scam that promises a $1000 or more giveaway, mimicking the generous donations often seen on Mr Beast’s YouTube channel. Supposedly, people can receive the reward by visiting a website and driving traffic. These advertisements leverage Mr Beast’s altruistic reputation, deceiving his fans into providing their email addresses and personal details to win prizes that do not exist.

Other Phishing Scams

The scams we outlined above are the main ones where people have lost money, but at the time of writing, two even more elaborate scams have surfaced.

Our main goal here is to protect you from falling foul of these scammers and help you protect your hard-earned money.


mrbeast.world giveaway gift card scammrbeast.world giveaway gift card scam

Mrbeast.world is another known scam that uses the guise of the Mr Beast brand on a website. The platform was promoted through various posts and videos on social media, especially Instagram and TikTok. It reportedly offered free gift cards to users who provided their personal details but would then redirect them to other websites.

These scammer tactics range from plain phishing scams to more complex frauds that involve marketing fake products, investment opportunities, and even job offers. Users are advised to do their due diligence before using any online casino offers, particularly those that involve high-profile names. Verify the legitimacy of the app through a Mr Beast casino review or cross-checking associated apps with Mr Beast’s official channels.

MrBet Casino

mrbet casino impersonating mr beastmrbet casino impersonating mr beast

More and more scammers are targeting the Mr. Beast brand, and one of the latest to be associated with this type of scam is the Mrbet casino scam.

Despite his commitment to trying to help society, these scammers use very sophisticated and deceptive tactics and exploit the huge popularity of the famous YouTube influencer.

The Mrbet casino scam is targeting vulnerable unsuspecting individuals who are pulled in by the promise of fake endorsements and of course the easy money that comes from it. With AI technology being used, scams like this erode trust in legitimate sports and gambling apps and expose everyday people to the risk of losing funds and also potential identity theft.

Watch out for any ads or posts depicting the MrBet image above and be very careful and do your research before hitting any unsuspecting links.

Downloading Unwanted Mr Beast App Variations

It does not matter if it is a Mr Beast app or another app that is using a celebrity-style endorsement. You need to be aware that both the Apple App Store and Google Play are being targeted by these clever deep fake scams, and you have to be vigilant.

If you do mistakingly download a Mr Beast scam app, make sure to immediately run a virus scan on your PC to check you do not have a virus at all. If this happens use your anti-virus software to quarantine and delete any virus.

With a large amount of the population downloading millions of apps each day from these sites, we have become accustomed to automatically trusting any download.

We know what you are saying – “There is no way that the likes of Google or Apple would allow this type of thing to happen”

Well, it is happening and you need to make sure you think first and research carefully before downloading any app associated with Mr Beast.

How to Avoid Online Scams

Fraudulent entities often use familiarity, such as celebrity names and endorsements, to gain the trust of their victims. To avoid these traps, users should practice thinking critically and being cautious of online content that seems too good to be true. Often, large rewards given unsuspectingly are simply surprise tactics employed by scammers.

Whenever engaging with any online offer, it’s important to be mindful of how prevalent internet scams are and how easy it is for anyone to fall victim. Generally, being a bit more skeptical about promotions can make a significant difference. This will ultimately lead to double-checking and properly verifying online apps.

The internet can be a safe browsing space for anyone who stays informed and cautious. It’s a great place to look for helpful products and services that are completely legitimate. Here are some guidelines to follow for avoiding online scams:

  • Always verify the authenticity of promotions, which can be done by quickly browsing through official sites and regulatory bodies.
  • Properly evaluate the legitimacy of emails and links, as many scams use alternative URLs for their products.
  • Use unique passwords for accounts and use two-factor authentication when available.
  • Minimize sharing personal information and keep privacy settings on.
  • Use and update your antivirus programs.
  • Implement a fraud detection tool or browser plugin like Monitor-Plus.
  • Always check for signs of hacking on financial and personal accounts.
  • Report any scams or fake profiles to authorities and online communities to protect others as well.

How to Pick a Safe & Trusted Online Casino

Given the thousands of gambling platforms online, safety is the number one priority when choosing an online casino. Many casino apps carry risks of fraud, privacy breaches, and unfair practices, so it’s essential to do your due diligence and find authorized platforms that adhere to proper gambling policies.

Below is a summary of what to look out for in finding a safe and trusted online casino:

  • Check if the casino has a license from gaming authorities like Gaming Curacao or the Malta Gaming Authority. Particularly, they will have a license number that can be verified.
  • Browse player reviews and feedback from reputable review sites.
  • Look for casinos that protect their players with data encryption technology, usually in the form of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • Check for fair play certifications from independent auditing companies like eCORGA or Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).
  • Contact the online gambling site’s customer support to confirm legitimacy.
  • Review the casino’s payment methods and see if their third-party payments are secure.

Wild.io and TG.Casinos are two platforms that have the features of a safe casino. They are both regulated by top gaming authorities, have been reviewed several times by credible sites, and use secure methods like data encryption to protect their players.

Tested and Recommended Mr Beast Casino App Alternatives

We hope we have educated you on the danger of some of these fake apps, but that should not stop you from enjoying playing your favorite casino games.

With that in mind, we have tested and researched five of the top casino apps online. These have been chosen for their safety and security, and are backed by licensing from some of the world’s most renowned licensing authorities.

Wild Casino – Best Online Casino Offering $5,000 Welcome Bonus


Wild Casino is one of the best crypto casinos on the market. The platform was established in 2017 and operates with a Gaming Curacao license. Backed with 24/7 live chat support, the online casino offers a smooth customer service experience in a mobile-friendly interface.

The platform is as engaging as it is safe, with over 800 casino titles running from live casino games to video slots. Fast deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) provide an extra layer of anonymity and safety for players.

TG.Casino – Top Telegram Online Casino with Instant 200% Bonus

TG Casino LandingTG Casino Landing

TG.Casino, another Gaming Curacao-licensed Telegram casino and sports betting platform, offers a unique betting experience being integrated with the Telegram app. Regarding safety, the app has the gold KYC verification standard by the market-leading code auditor, Assure DeFi.

Over 300 games from over 45 top gaming providers are featured on TG.Casino caters to diverse gaming preferences with slots, table games, live games, and poker. 30+ betting markets are also available on the platform with live in-game options. The online casino’s user-friendly design, safety, and encryption make it a reputable choice for online betting.

Bovada Casino – Excellent long-term reputation and user reviews

Mr Beast casino alternative BovadaMr Beast casino alternative Bovada

Bovada has a longstanding reputation for top-quality casino experiences, and having launched in 2011 with a license from Curacao eGaming, it is one of the most respected casinos and sportsbooks online. 

It has an excellent casino offering, with 300 top-quality games, each of which is provided by high-quality software houses. The offer includes slots and video poker to table games and featured options. 

Where Bovada hits the bullseye is in its servicing of high rollers who can bet up to $50,000 on selected games. With a solid range of deposit options, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, Visa, and MasterCard, they have options for everybody. 

Bovada is also one casino that offers a low threshold for entry at just $10 as a minimum deposit. 

One of the key things we love about Bovada is their lower rollover/wagering requirements compared to the competition.

Lucky Block – Best Casino site for daily bonus offers

lucky block casino welcome bonuslucky block casino welcome bonus

Lucky Block is one of the new kids on the block and as such has had to work very hard to compete in what is a tough marketplace. However, they have managed to do just that by providing not only an excellent range of casino games but also providing some of the biggest bonuses available to new players.

As a new player, you can grab a 200% deposit match + 50 free spins to use on a selection of games on the site. The bonus goes up to a maximum of 10,000 EUR, depending on your initial deposit, and they have a low minimum deposit of twenty euros, which is just over $20.
With a great selection of casino games, live dealers, as well as a sportsbook and racebook, Lucky Block is a great destination for any player.

One other key feature of Lucky Block is its continuous reload and bonus offers for existing customers.

Mega Dice – Best Casino for multiple cryptocurrency deposit options

Mega Dice Casino Welcome BonusMega Dice Casino Welcome Bonus

Mega Dice is another new casino app and site that is gaining a solid reputation from players. One of the reasons for this is their continuous daily offers like the regular reload bonus on Mondays and the free spin bonus on Wednesdays.

Getting into the variety of casino games and sports betting opportunities, it is clear that Mega Dice has the player in mind with top games on the casino site and numerous markets available on the sportsbook.

If you like to place wagers on your mobile device, then that is possible but not by using a native app but by using the Mega Dice mobile site which is one of the best we have tested from several casino sites.

The casino has a wide range of betting options including poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, and specialty games. And for those looking for varied deposit options, then Mega Dice has you covered with fifteen different payment options including fiat and cryptocurrency options.

Editors’ Choice

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