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Jeremy Clarkson fumes after being ‘forced’ to go to the gym amid health struggle

Jeremy Clarkson has given fans a candid insight into his ongoing fitness routine. His latest update comes after recent admissions regarding his health – including his weight-loss efforts and cyst removal.

In January, Jeremy, 63, revealed doctors had discovered a 5cm cyst on his back, which he had removed in October 2023. Thankfully, the surgical procedure was a success and the former Top Gear presenter confirmed that the cyst was not cancerous.

He also admitted that the health scare had led him to lose a stone in weight. The acknowledgement comes after the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire presenter previously discussed wanting to overhaul his lifestyle in August 2022.

At the time, Jeremy lamented the fact that he could “barely” do up his shoelaces and had decided to install a makeshift gym in his garden. However, he revealed he “neither looked nor felt any better than I had done when the session started” and claimed he’d “have to do it again”.

In his latest column for The Times, Jeremy has offered another insight into his gym routine and how much he is enjoying being “forced” to work out. The topic was broached while discussing life satisfaction scores.

The Clarkson’s Farm star began by explaining that experts believe your life satisfaction will rise if you live within proximity to historical sites.

As an idea he apparently disagrees with, Jeremy wrote: “This is all very interesting. But it is also b****cks.

“Because I was in Bath not that long ago, and while I knew that I was within walking distance of the Royal Crescent and that Roman swimming pool, I was in a gym, being forced by a man in skin-tight shorts to pick things up so I could put them down again.

“So my life satisfaction score was about minus a million.”

Last year, Jeremy said he was left “coughing up his spleen” whilst walking to a football match with his son, Finlo Clarkson.

He explained that he sometimes struggles to “find the time” to move and that walking to Stamford Bridge with his 26-year-old son had been hard work.

The father-of-three wrote: “When I go with my son to Stamford Bridge, he pootles along at what people call ‘walking pace’ and to keep up I have to unleash my inner Bannister.

“Which means that for the first half of the match I can’t concentrate on the football because I’m too busy coughing up my spleen and trying to get my breath back.”