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Scrabble: Mattel launches new version of game which is ‘less competitive’

By Steven McIntosh,Entertainment reporter

Mattel The new Scrabble Together boardMattel

The new version of scrabble will include helper cards and see players work towards a series of goals

Mattel is to launch a new version of Scrabble which is designed to be more collaborative and accessible for those who find word games intimidating.

The new double-sided Scrabble board will still feature the original game for those who want to play the traditional version.

But the new game on the flip side will include helper cards, use a simpler scoring system and be quicker to play.

The new board, Scrabble Together, will also allow people to compete in teams.

“We play the original game, but change is inevitable,” said Brandreth, who co-hosts the language podcast Something Rhymes With Purple.

He added that the launch of the new iteration “doesn’t deny the old version”.

“The makers of Scrabble found that younger people, Gen Z people, don’t quite like the competitive nature of Scrabble,” he said. “They want a game where you can simply enjoy language, words, being together and having fun creating words.”

In the new game, cards which provide help, prompts and clues can be selected to match the player’s chosen challenge level.

Mattel The new Scrabble Together board with some goal gardsMattel

Mattel said it was the most significant change in the game’s 75-year history

Scrabble tiles

The two-sided board will still include the original game for those who want to play the traditional version

Ray Adler, vice-president and global head of games at Mattel, said: “Scrabble has truly stood the test of time as one of the most popular board games in history, and we want to ensure the game continues to be inclusive for all players.

“For anyone who’s ever thought ‘word games aren’t for me’, or felt a little intimidated by the classic game, Scrabble Together mode is an ideal option.”

The new game differs from Scrabble Junior, which is more of a crossword puzzle, with letters already on the board.

Mattel said the new board marks the first time in its 75-year history that Scrabble has made such a significant change to its classic board.

Brett Smitheram, the current UK number one and 2016 World Scrabble Champion, said: “The game speaks to a trend in younger people who want to avoid competitive games, instead favouring teamwork and collaboration working towards a fun goal together.”

The launch follows the huge popularity of online games such as Wordle, an online puzzle owned by the New York Times where players try to guess a new five-letter word every day.