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Secrets of the Stylish: Getting premiere-ready with Robyn Cara

Robyn Cara is right at the beginning of her career, and is only just learning the ropes when it comes to the red carpet, but she’s starting pretty well, in Chanel no less. The British actress stars in Bodkin – the first fictional series from Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company, Higher Ground – and last night attended a special screening of the television show in Los Angeles, where she wore head-to-toe Chanel.

The classic look, which was made up of a pink tweed skirt suit with an asymmetric hem and a pair of Chanel slingbacks, was a perfect choice for the occasion, picked out for her by her stylist Rachael Perry, whom Cara describes as the most encouraging influence on her style.

Below, see what the actress had to say about fashion and confidence as we caught up with her before she hit the red carpet.

Please talk us through your look for tonight – what drew you to this particular outfit?

“So it’s a really beautiful look – it’s classic Chanel, a pink tweed outfit, but it has a very modern spin. It feels signature to the brand but also really current. There are so many beautiful little details and the colours feel really fresh and youthful, which I love.”

What makes Chanel such a great fit for you and your personal style?

“It’s just really timeless – the clothes allow you to be a kind of elevated version of yourself. Everything feels so effortless and chic, but it’s also super comfortable, which is really important to me. I just think Chanel is so classic and everybody looks good in it – you can’t not look good in Chanel.”

How do you decide which brands are a good fit for your personal style?

“To be honest, I am quite new to the world of fashion, but I work really closely with my stylist, Rachael, and she always picks the most amazing clothes for me. I am really only at the beginning though of understanding which brands I love and that will suit me.”

Courtesy of Chanel

What has your experience been like on the red carpet so far?

“I did the Berlin Film Festival, which was probably my first real red-carpet experience with a whole look – I wore Valentino, which was really cool. It was this super flowy black dress and it was really stunning, but that’s it really, so I am excited for tonight and to be doing more.”

Do you enjoy the process that goes into creating a red-carpet look?

“It’s obviously something that I am new to, but Rachael is so great at always making sure I feel comfortable. She is also amazing at helping me step outside of my comfort zone, which is really nice. She’s very encouraging of me.”

What is your approach to make-up?

“I am not too experimental really – I am only just starting to do that with fashion, so I probably will with make-up soon. I did do a shoot the other day and the make-up was really different and I thought that was cool, but usually I am definitely more of a natural glam sort of girl. I always lean to something really simple and glowy.”

robyn cara

Courtesy of Chanel

How has your style evolved over the years?

“I grew up in a really small village, and when I was younger, I was much more practical. I bought stuff that was suitable for running around and getting messy, and I was also really sporty. As I have grown up, I have definitely become more experimental – now I really love a super feminine style, as well as that crisp, clean look, but then I do still feel really comfortable in a pair of dungarees or basketball shorts.”

What has been your most memorable fashion moment and why?

“I think it will probably be tonight! My first time in Chanel! It’s all really, really exciting, and the Chanel jacket I am wearing for my press look was the first piece of Chanel I had ever even put on, which feels very special.”

Whose style have you always admired and why?

“I have always really loved my friend Chloé’s style – can I say that? She’s just always so put together. She’s a chameleon with whatever style she wears, it just suits her so well, and she just knows how to finish off an outfit. I’m so jealous – some people just have that. Otherwise, I just love seeing people’s interpretations of different things and I like people who are really confident in who they are in fashion, like Taylor Russell – she’s amazing.”

robyn cara

Courtesy of Chanel

What is your ideal getting-ready set-up?

“I definitely have to start with a big cup of tea! And then I just want to have a good chat with the team who are helping me get ready, and I’d probably put an episode of Friends on to calm my excited nerves.”

When do you feel most beautiful?

“Probably when the sun is out – that really changes my whole mood. So when I’m on holiday, or just in the summer in London, around my mates and wearing something super simple with no make-up on, that’s probably when I feel my best.”

Fashion has a reputation for being frivolous, but why does what we wear matter?

“Clothes really can just make you feel very different – they can really empower you. If you feel your best, you conduct yourself differently. It gives you a confidence that otherwise may not have been there.”

robyn cara

Courtesy of Chanel

Make-up by Kendal Fedail and hair by Johnnie Sapong, both represented by The Wall Group