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Tourists given travel warning after receiving huge bill at UK airport

travelling from one of the UK’s busiest  as the summer holiday season approaches.

According to the police, several “rogue” companies have been looking for unsuspecting victims at .

Sussex police warned that vehicles had been returned damaged and even with more mileage on the clock, reports Mail Online.

Several reports suggested that jet-setters have also arrived back on British soil to find their vehicles had been parked in the wrong spot – leaving them lumbered with a huge bill.

The force has now requested travellers making their way through the t to take extra care.

In 2023, ranked as the second busiest in Britain, welcoming an impressive 40.9 million passengers passing through its terminals.

Sussex Police revealed while there are many reputable companies, Sussex Police and West Sussex Trading Standards continue to receive regular reports from disappointed customers.

They said: “As airports begin to get busier, it is important for motorists to check the reputation of the companies they are using.”

The force also urged the tourists that not all companies listed are affiliated with London Gatwick – even if their name included “”.

West Sussex Trading Standards team manager Richard Sargeant said: “In recent years, we have had to deal with a number of rogue ‘meet and greet’ companies at the airport.

“It can be very difficult for travellers to decide which parking operator is best to use when you go on holiday or business.

“We would recommend travellers either park with Gatwick Airport direct or use a Trading Standards Approved business approved businesses.”

Gatwick Police Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector James Biggs also requested the holidaymakers to “do their homework” before deciding on a “meet and greet” parking service.

He said: “If you book through an agent online, you should be aware that your vehicle may be allocated to a number of companies on their books.

“By doing your research you will be more confident to leave your vehicle with your chosen company and enjoy your travels.”

Oli Bedford, head of parking at London Gatwick, said: “We have no relationship with these rogue ‘meet and greet’ parking companies, even though many of them have ‘Gatwick’ in their company name.

“Legally rogue firms can operate on the airport as long as they do not break our by-laws. If passengers are considering using an off-airport meet and greet parking provider, they should check that they have a good reputation on Trustpilot, Trip Advisor or any other reliable means. The British Parking Association also has some good advice.

“For complete piece of mind, I would however strongly recommend that passengers use official on-airport parking.”